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Transform Your Workforce with Employer-tailored Professional Certification Programs

ATMS Management Training provides training programs that will boost your employees’ performance and productivity. Learn more about ATMS Management Training and how we can help you.

We are providers of proven strategies that radically increase workplace performance. Our history in the region dates back to the early 70s, and we were formed in the UAE in 2011. With an average of more than 16+ years of top-level corporate experience, our UK and USA-based instructors have extensive local and multinational experience. We have the best market expertise available.

Our courses are highly recommended by everyone who takes one since we represent reputable European organizations and work with the “best of the best” instructors from such organizations.

In order to best serve your company’s needs, ATMS Management Training can design customized in-house courses that are highly interactive and effective. We offer expert advice and support to students throughout their interactions with us as an awarding body and their subsequent managerial careers. While pursuing their credentials, candidates are given student membership in the institutes. Employers also benefit from better-trained professionals whose services can add significant value to the organization.


Discover a wide range of professional certifications tailored to your industry: Choose from 280+ certifications in Business & Management, Finance & Banking, Purchasing & Logistics, Professional Certifications, Environment Health and Safety, Digital Marketing, Insurance, Data Science and AI, Construction, Information Technology, Event Management and more!

Our comprehensive corporate training programs will equip you and your employees with the essential skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the competition and achieve career growth. Invest in your future with our industry-recognized certification programs and unlock your full potential today!


Our corporate training programs can be specifically customised to meet your staff’s demands, objectives, and goals.

Training equips you with the holistic knowledge set without paying for a full degree program or spending many years achieving it. This is why we have contracts with many companies in the region to train their human resources with the 21st century revolutionary modules of the courses.

ATMS Management Training is the LARGEST Management training provider in the UAE and all GCC countries, with over 150k members and top industry leading faculties. Because of the sheer size of the ATMS Management Training family within the GCC, we are recognized and respected by the human resources function of the region.

Our Top Industry-Leading Faculties


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