In today’s world, technology is changing continuously and predicting the future is becoming increasingly difficult. Globalization, technology, and emphasis on shareholder value are the three most important forces that are radically reshaping the businesses around the world.

The business world itself is undergoing a tremendous transformation. The traditional role of business managers is under pressure. The challenge for businesses is to be proactive in meeting the customers’ needs while at the same time feasibly running their operations. Additionally, the recent spate of corporate scandals in the US itself has put a lot of strain on the integrity of professionals to carry out their responsibilities with honesty and integrity. What can be learned from these scandals is that, in the age of globalization, businesses should equally be subject to scrutiny and good corporate governance. Corporations that do not practice corporate governance could affect the livelihood and economies in different parts of the world where they operate. Therefore, it is important for corporate professionals to learn from the successes of transnational corporations as well as from their failures and shortcomings. Learning, unlearning, and relearning are therefore an integral aspect of professional competitiveness.

The AIBM – Certified Business Administrator (CBA) program is designed to meet some of the above challenges and is geared towards offering a learning experience through which business challenges are identified and solutions offered. By presenting a new paradigm of the compatibility of successful business operations with good corporate governance, the program provides a holistic learning experience of major skills and ethical standards needed for a good business professional.


Module 1: Human Resource Management and Office Procedures
Module 2: Leadership Dynamics
Module 3: Marketing Principles
Module 4: Strategic Management