The retail sector is a large, dynamic and expanding sector in the US with numerous innovations: internet shopping, airport retailing, factory outlet villages and increasing international expansion. In recent years, retailers have become dominant partners in the distribution chain and are ranked highly in the established indices of American industry.

They are among the largest companies in US and the sector is a major employer in the US employing millions of people. The industry offers a variety of interesting and rewarding careers including ‘front-line’ careers such as store management and personnel as well ‘behind the scenes’ employment in buying, merchandising, marketing, market research, store location and supply chain management. More and more professionals are choosing careers in the sector.

The Retail Management program has been designed to produce professionals with a sound understanding of modern retailing and the skills necessary for a career in retailing. The program also enables students to develop transferable skills (e.g. communication, IT, and team working skills) appropriate for career development.

Certification Objectives:
The overall aim of the program is to provide students with a high level of knowledge and understanding of the concepts and processes involved in retailing and to equip the learners with the necessary practical, research and analytical skills necessary for a professional career.


1: Introduction to the World of Retailing
2: Types of Retailers
3: Multichannel Retailing
4: Customer Buying Behavior

1: Retail Market Strategy
2: Financial Strategy
3: Retail Locations
4: Retail Site Location
5: Human Resource Management
6: Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
7: Customer Relationship Management

1: Managing Merchandise Assortments
2: Merchandise Planning Systems
3: Buying Merchandise
4: Retail Pricing
5: Retail Communication Mix

1: Managing the Store
2: Store Layout, Design, and Visual Merchandising
3: Customer Service