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American Institute Of Business & Management

The ONLY KHDA attested certifications provider all over the GCC countries.

American Institute of Business & Management offers short courses for working professionals in Sales & Marketing, Accounting, Logistics, Purchasing & Procurement, Human Resource, Banking, Digital Marketing, Management, And Business Administration Courses.

Courses are approved by KHDA. 

Courses are offered across the UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain.

We deliver this through our dedicated team of expert leadership and management coaches, who meet with you to ensure that all learning is applied effectively in your workplace to improve your performance.

We also eliminate the time restrictions placed on many managers by ensuring our learning is backed up by a virtual learning platform. This platform can be accessed at a time convenient to you in ‘bite sized pieces’.

Our training programs use practical processes to apply world-class best practices with a high proportion of hands-on learning. We can follow-up with individual coaching to customize and assist implementation.

Our Top Industry-Leading Faculties


Our HR course examines the manager’s role in developing human capital within the organization. Topics include organizational behaviour and individual motivation theories, skills gap analysis, alignment of staff capabilities with organizational needs, succession planning strategies, innovative talent retention, mid-tier performers’ motivation, human behaviour, motivation and compensation systems, and future trends in human resources capital development.


  • Develop Key Concepts of Strategic Human Resources
  • Determine the strategic impact of human resource issues on organizational effectiveness.
  • Identify the application of Organizational Behavior to management.
  • Identify the factors and issues associated with effective policy development in human resources.
  • Alternative Solutions to Strategic Human Resources Problems
  • Align organizational structure with strategy.
  • Evaluate recruiting and selection alternatives.
  • Examine the applications of human capital development about skill sets and gap analysis.
  • Evaluate training and development alternatives.
  • Critical Analysis of Strategic Human Resources Solutions
  • Develop a comprehensive staffing strategy for organizational effectiveness.
  • Implement a strategic audit plan on an organization’s human resource systems.
  • Analyze the relationship between motivation and performance.
  • Identify components of effective retention and career development processes.
  • Explain the concept of total rewards.
  • Assess the impact of rewards systems on organizational performance.
  • Compare different perspectives on human behaviour and motivation and analyze how these translate to organizational reward systems.
  • Alternative Solutions to Motivation and Rewards Problems
  • Design elements of an effective employee relations program.
  • Create a career development planning model that incorporates crucial development success factors.
  • Evaluate compensation and motivation practices as they relate to organizational strategy.
  • Discuss the impact of ethics on determining compensation and rewards systems.
  • Critical Analysis of Motivation and Rewards Solutions
  • Create a comprehensive motivation and rewards strategy for organizational effectiveness.

Why do You Need Professional Certificate In HUMan resources?

The technical, demographic, and socio-economic changes today stress the need for skilled HR professionals. Nowadays, most businesses are moving from physical spaces to working virtually; maintaining importance, guidelines, discipline, employee attention, and satisfaction in every office requires experience and evolved skills. Therefore, it’s imperative to get an HR Certification to help you grow your career and better prepare to minimize or stop the undesired impact. 

Certification Modules

  • Human Resource Strategy
  • Training & Development
  • Compensation Management
  • Advance Human Resource Management


To be certified as CHRP, students should take a 1.5-hour online examination. Each exam would consist of 50 multiple-choice questions.

Why Choose American Institute Of Business & Management?

American Institute of Business & Management is a leading examination and certification body founded by leading academicians, professionals, and businessmen in the United States of America.

AIBM offers a range of progressive, flexible, and affordable business and management qualifications. The CHRP certifications cover the theoretical issues of business and management and offer many practical skills applicable to potential employers. AIBM provides professional Human resources training to be an effective HR professional.


Coverage Of Study Materials (Must Read)

AIBM certification covers all the fully accredited degree program modules and a professional charter like the ACCA, ACA, and PMP. Certification essentially equips you with the holistic knowledge set without paying for a full degree program or spending many years achieving it. This is why we have contracts with many companies in the region to trained their human resources with the 21st century revolutionary modules of the certification. AIBM is the LARGEST certification provider in the GCC, with over 150k members. Because of the sheer size of the AIBM family within the GCC, we are recognized and respected by the human resources function of the region.

Key Highlights Points (Must Read)

  • 150K members in the GCC with excellent networking opportunities with industry leaders counting as our Alumni.
  • The only KHDA approved American certification provider.
  • Course content includes complete degree knowledge and professional body curriculum knowledge.
  • Industry-leading think tanks, Oxford/Cambridge university-educated professors.
  • Professors are also industry practitioners with a minimum of 18 years of experience.
  • Lifetime access to Cambridge professors for knowledge updating and study materials.

Why AIBM Certification? (Must Read)

Certification Vs degree:

The certification covers all the skills and expertise that are covered within a degree program without costing an arm and a leg. Employers of the 21st century know that very well; get skilled in the most practical KHDA-approved manner to meet the professional requirement of your workplace.

Key Statistics: 

Two million people are expected to complete a professional business certification in the middle east next year.

With 150 thousand members, AIBM is at the forefront of it.





Yes, It is a lifetime valid and internationally recognised.

It takes one month to complete the certificate, including the examination.

There would be one exam containing 50 multiple-choice questions. The passing mark is 50%. The examination is conducted online. Cheating is not possible with our unique technology interface.

The first-time pass rate for 2022 was 56%. Exams happened on a weekly basis. There is no re-examination fee for up to 2 attempts.

Upon completion, Certificate will be processed in 2 weeks.

There are three options available:
1. Pay online
2. Make a bank transfer
3. Pay in the AIBM local office in your country.